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  1. Eric baemore says:

    i love basketball im playing aau this year my firsy year

  2. Eric baemore says:

    i hav a cuz dat play for baltimore alliance

  3. Coach Darren says:

    this kid has what it takes. speed power ball security and a jump shot.

  4. My Name Is Joshua Brewer. I Am a 6’3 Wing/Forward and I Play For EG10 Along Side Kobe Webster. You Might Remember Me From The Indy Gardens Invitational. I Just Want To Ask You To Come See Me Play as I Can Compete With A High Level Of Compettion. I Have Attended The Crossroads Elite Camp & Was Named On The Top 48 List. I Am A Very Underrated Player. Above Are Some Videos Of Me, I Would Just Ask For You To Come See Me play and PLEASE RESPOND.

  5. Videos Of Joshua Brewer

  6. DayvonneTa Buckley says:

    Want to know if I give your company some videos,could yall edit them with my highlights?

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