Keion Brooks shows why he’s one of 2019’s best at MSHTV Camp

While he is just hitting high school, Keion Brooks has been known to those following youth basketball for quite some time now. After all, you simply don’t see too many players who can go to work from the perimeter at 6-foot-7 before playing a varsity game. Brooks reminded us of that again at the 2015 MSHTV Camp in Indianapolis.

Fresh off of a visit to Indiana, Brooks missed the first day of action, but immediately made his presence felt. Able to play either forward position, he used his perimeter skill to push the ball in the open floor and make plays for others. When matched up with someone his own size, Brooks went to the blocks and went to work. He drilled countless deep jumpers, beat guys off of the dribble, and set the camp on fire with his Karl Malone-esque dunk on the break.

Already owning an offer from IUPUI, Brooks has been hearing from Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Virginia, and a ton of other powerhouse programs early in his freshman campaign.

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6’9 8th grader Emmanuel Okpomo with monster dunk at MSHTV Camp

Omhar Carter has been producing young talent for over a decade now. Monta Ellis, LaQuinton Ross, Renardo Sidney, Rodney Hood, and Malik Newman all came up under his tutelage. There are plenty of talented high school players in the MBA Hoops program, but there is one in middle school that is nearly the tallest of all: Emmanuel Okpomo.

Standing 6-foot-9 with a crazy wingspan, Okpomo is the type of developmental big man prospect that you dream of. He has a good motor, runs the floor well, and finishes above the rim with ease. Naturally, there is plenty of work to do in the skill department, but he proved that he is certainly one of the more intriguing big men in the class of 2020.

Keep checking back for more videos from the 2015 MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

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Dexter Shouse hits 5 straight threes at MSHTV Camp

Dexter Shouse has received a lot of attention since very early in his career. Now at the high school ranks, that doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon, as we saw at the 2015 MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

Playing on his home court, Shouse straight put on a show in the first half of the MSHTV 2019 All-Star Game. He was hot and his teammates knew it, so they made it a point to let him get heat checks each time down until he missed. Finishing with 23 points in the game, the 6-foot-4 wing showed why he is expected to follow the likes of Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Stephen Van Treese, and more at Lawrence North. based on the fact that he already owns offers from DePaul and New Orleans, it seems like he’s heading in the right direction.

Keep checking back for more videos from the MSHTV Camp.

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2015 MiddleSchoolHoops Dunk Contest Recap

‎Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it used to be a fairly uncommon thing for middle schoolers to be dunking in games. Fast forward to 2015, you now have middle schoolers having dunk contests, as we saw in Indianapolis at the MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

It was 6-foot-9 freshman Francis Okoro of Lighthouse Christian and We All Can Go who took home the crown. He jumped over younger players, dunked with his arm in the rim, and threw down a between the legs dunk with ease. Okoro edged elite freshman Marcedus Leech along with big time eighth graders Jordan Toles and Chris Moore to get the camp hyped with a dunk contest crown.

Keep checking for more videos from the 2015 MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

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Gerard Mungo with big poster at MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase

At the 2015 MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase in Indianapolis, there were plenty of players who emerged on the national level. Coming from Baltimore, 6-foot point guard Gerard Mungo was one of those guys.

The lead guard was tough to stop going to the rack, often converting in traffic with both hands. He locked up defensively by using his quickness and strength to guard either backcourt slot. Toss in his ability to create scoring opportunities for others and it’s easy to see why Mungo was one of the better freshmen that the event had to offer, securing a spot in the 2019 all-star game.

Keep checking for more videos from the MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

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Oak Hill vs Huntington Prep Scrimmage Recap

Chance Harman would have been 13 years old on Thursday night. Tragically, he has not seen a birthday in the flesh since 2006. A brain tumor took him away before he even turned seven years old, but that hasn’t stopped people from celebrating his life each and every year. For what would have been the day that Chance became a teenager, the Chance Harman Memorial Fund went all out with Chance’s Ballin’ Birthday.

Pegging national powerhouses Oak Hill Academy and Huntington Prep against each other, the event literally brought just about everyone out of tiny Floyd, VA (population 425) and more out. With all proceeds going to the Chance Harman Memorial Fund, it was a charitable event that also served as a serious evaluation opportunity for scouts and coaches alike. Maryland, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Virginia all had coaches spotted in the crowd. There were numerous scouting services there and the remote gym was nearly packed wall to wall. Oak Hill ended up taking the two halves (the scoreboard reset at halftime) 47-32 and 53-37 respectively without the nation’s top senior, Harry Giles. The depth that this year’s Oak Hill unit showed was straight up ridiculous, but at the end of the night, it wasn’t about the score of this game; It was about celebrating Chance Harman’s life and finding a cure to cancer.

Here are a few of the players who stood out:

Khadim Sy, 6’10, C, Oak Hill Academy, 2016

With Harry Giles out, there wasn’t a single player who benefited more than Khadim Sy. Making the most of his opportunity, he showed out with a variety of nice moves on the block and was able to convert with either hand over the top of the D. He was also great running the floor, controlled his area of the glass, and played with confidence that we had never seen before out of him. Given his crazy improvement over the last few months, it should come as no surprise that he has a growing list of high major offers waiting for him.

Micah Thomas, 6’7, SF, Huntington Prep, 2016

Aside from Sy, Micah Thomas was the other guy who had some of the college coaches buzzing. The bouncy athlete drilled a number of deep three pointers, was elite finishing in transition, and had no problem getting to the foul line. Coming from Memphis to play for one of the country’s top prep powers should only allow Micah to add to his growing list of potential suitors that include Baylor, Memphis, and Iowa State.

Braxton Key, 6’7, SF/PF, Oak Hill Academy, 2016

The man formerly known as Braxton Blackwell showed why Avery Johnson was so ecstatic to get him locked up early in his senior year. A versatile player who can play either forward spot, Key let the game come to him and created mismatches all over the hardwood. He posted smaller defenders, drilled open three pointers, and played the game with a super smooth demeanor. Braxton and Terrance Ferguson will serve as two crucial pieces for the Little General turning things around in Tuscaloosa.

Matt Coleman, 6’2, PG, Oak Hill Academy, 2017

One of the fastest point guards in the country, Matt Coleman decided to take his game to one of the nation’s perennial powers for his junior campaign. The Hampton native is still learning how to control his pace, but the talent that he brings to the table is undeniable. He put the clamps on people defensively, had the ball flying up the floor in transition, and had no problem stopping on the dime full speed for pull-up J’s. As Matt continues to grow as a lead guard and learn how to change gears, he should see himself near the top of the 2017 point guard rankings.

Devontae Shuler, 6’3, SG/PG, Oak Hill Academy, 2017

A fearless scorer, Devontae Shuler made the move from tiny Irmo, SC to Oak Hill and showed that he could ball with the nation’s finest. The junior was great in transition, created scoring opportunities easily, and put the clamps on guys from either guard spot. Since exploding this summer, Shuler has picked up no shortage of BCS offers and will only continue to add more.

Miles Bridges, 6’6, SF, Huntington Prep

With Giles out, Miles Bridges was the marquee name of this matchup of prep powers. The Michigan State recruit started the game very slow by settling for too many contested J’s and turning it over attacking the rack. Midway through the second half, the top ten recruit turned it on and showed why he’s one of the nation’s best. He got to the line frequently, attacked the offensive glass, and threw down a few ridiculous dunks. All in all, it was an off night for Bridges, but he still showed glimpses of how special he can become.

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Marcedus Leech dominates day one of MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase

The MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase kicked off in Indianapolis tonight, blending many of the nation’s best from the classes of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Players from over 26 states descended to Lawrence North High School (home of Greg Oden and Mike Conley) for the two day event, but none were more impressive than Marcedus Leech.

We first got a look at the wiry 6-foot-5 swingman at The League Nashville and he’s only gotten better since then. He set the tone of the event by pouring in 37 points in the opening game, only to follow it up with 34 points in the first half of the following game. Saving the best for last, he dropped a ridiculous 47 points in Friday night’s finale (including 9 three pointers). Marcedus shot the lights out of the ball from deep throughout the day, slashed to the rim at will (especially going left), and showed off a nasty crossover. When engaged, he showed that he could lock up defensively, as seen by his willingness to defend elite point guard Marquise Walker. The improvement that the We All Can Go All-Stars freshman has made over the last six months is absurd and we can certainly see him pushing for a spot in the top ten in the national class of 2019 rankings.

Marcedus already has offers from New Mexico State and Jacksonville, while also receiving interest from Missouri and Western Kentucky. After this weekend, expect plenty more to follow suit.

Keep checking CityLeagueHoops for more updates from the MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

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John Wall is ready for the season to start — 2015 LudaDay Game highlights

John Wall just continues to take his game to new levels. Coming off of an all-star campaign that led the Wizards into the playoffs, he is taking the next step amongst the game’s elite lead guards. With a stinging loss to the Hawks in the playoffs, the 25-year old has already let it be known that he wants to be the league’s best point guard. He showed that during the 2015 LudaDay Game.

Playing with Chris Brown and a dozen NBA players, it wasn’t the same NBA playoff basketball that we saw against the Hawks, but the special talent that Wall had was evident. When he changed gears, his end to end speed was simply too much for anyone on the hardwood to keep up with. He showed off his improving jumper, crazy court vision, and shut the gym down when he tossed the ball out of bounds for an oop back to himself. All in all, it was about as good of a showing that you could ask for in a laissez-faire game.

Keep checking CityLeagueHoops for more videos from the 2015 LudaDay Game.

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Brendan Paul makes defender lose shoe at Next Up Recruits Exposure Camp

Known in the greater Cleveland area, Brendan Paul isn’t exactly a household name. Playing for an outstanding academic school, the Hawken junior doesn’t necessarily receive the type of attention that he deserves. At the Next Up Recruits Ohio Exposure Camp, that changed.

During the one on one drills, the 6-foot point guard made the play of the camp. He hit his defender with a nasty pull back crossover, forcing his man to lose his shoe in the process. Instead of the usual loud reaction that you’d see out of a play of this nature, it left many onlookers puzzled as to what they had just seen.

Keep checking CityLeagueHoops for more videos from the NextUpRecruits Ohio Exposure Camp.

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Muggsy Bogues’ Grandson Has Game– Samartine Bogues

Muggsy Bogues is one of those NBA players whose legacies extend far beyond the actual numbers that they put on the floor. At just 5-foot-3, he dazzled fans at Wake Forest before finding himself selected in the first round of the ’87 NBA Draft. Starting for one of the league’s most popular franchises in the early 90’s, Muggsy helped make the purple and teal of the Hornets fly to wear. His nearly 7,000 points and 7,000 dimes over his NBA career were impressive, but more importantly, he gave hope to every sub 6-foot guard that they could be the next Muggsy Bogues. Now, his Grandson is following in his footsteps.

Samartine Bogues is already approaching his Grandpa’s height, despite just starting the fifth grade. The 4-foot-6 point guard is making waves in Baltimore, where Muggsy was a legend at Dunbar High. Affectionately nicknamed “Fatman”, he has a devastating handle that allows him to create his own shot against most of his peers and can already bomb from well beyond the three point line. Running with Baltimore’s Finest and Team Thrill (Will Barton’s new squad) on the AAU circuit, Samartine has already spent a considerable amount of time balling against some of the nation’s finest in his age group and appears to be putting in the work to carry on the family legacy in the Charm City.

Big thanks to MiddleSchoolHoops for the video

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