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  1. What’s up City League Hoops TV? I am a 2014 combo guard from New Orleans, La. I attend Bishop McManus Academy I need some exposure, I promise you won’t be disappointed. P.S. last year I played Jarrell Martin from Madison Prep and dropped 20 points. We play Madison Prep again this year and I will play even better. I’m just asking you guys come check me out I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Dermarious Hardy says:

    you guys should really check me out. 5`10 point guard in columbus Ohio. I have clubbed and I was never supposed to walk. this year i average around 15 points 4 assist and 2 steals a game i have over come so many odds and I have worked so hard when people have knocked me down . please take the time to read this . I know I can make it with the right support and i know i deserved to be ranked with in my class . i dominant no only wih scoring but with assist and defense to . I work hard not only on the court but in the class room as will. My story is truly amazing ,but I dont have the exposure to showcase my skill. please respond

    sincerly .DermariousHardy

  3. Marquel Harris says:

    Whats Up CLH , I am a 6’1 Shooting Guard From Birmingham, AL Class of 2015. I Play For P.D Jackson-Olin High School In Birmingham, AL. I Played A Couple Of Varsity Games Last Year. I Averaged 18.7 Points 13 Rebounds 2 Steals & I Rarely Turned The Ball Over.I Am Contacting You Because I Need Some Help Getting Exposure I Believe I Am One Of The Best 10th Graders In Alabama. Also I Believe I Could Be Among The Best In The Nation I Just Need More Exposure. I Would Appreciate If You Would Let Me Know How I Can Get You Guys To Make Me A Hoop Mixtape. My Uncle Tried To Make Me One But Its Not Very Good.

    Sincerely , Marquel Harris

  4. I hope cityleaguehoops come and support me for I can get some exposure

  5. I’m looking for y’all can support me and to get exposure

  6. I think that I’m a Top 5 prospect in the class of 2017

  7. KeShawn Honaker says:

    I am a 4’11 point guard with handles guard me and you might have broken handles

  8. Alex says:

    Hello, I am a French national basketball player, 6’6, I’m 18, I’m very interested to play united state, but only, I would like to know if it would be possible to send you a video of my game
    Thank you to answer me.

  9. Clinton Davis says:

    Please check me out,Jacksonville Florida Jefferson Davis Middle School.

  10. Randon says:

    I’m 6.6, need exposure please contact me a Thanks

  11. Coach Stew says:

    I’m coach Stew from Handle It Prep New Prep program in Marietta, Georgia. We have 2 high level basketball teams and we’re looking for players. We have 1 national high school varsity team and 1 post grad team. Visit us at: for any further questions.

    Coach Stew

  12. azar reed says:

    my name is Azar Reed im 5’10 and I need exposer please contact me at

  13. Christian Jordan says:

    I’m 5’9 I play both point guard and shooting guard. I wake up at six in the morning every day just to go work on my game. I am in the class of 2018 I live in West Bloomfield Michigan I will be attending brother rice high school. I am going to play varsity. I can nearly dunk all I need to work on is the ball going inside of the rim. I am one of the best three point shooters in Michigan. Even thought I am not ranked on the internet I am the number 1 three point shooter in the eight grade in Michigan. Scouts come up to me a lot like Michigan state and Syracuse I am a very talented and say I got a good jump shot and great defense. I want this more than anybody in the whole world. Please support me.

  14. Bryce Drews says:

    Check out my video, please post it, email me if you want the raw video to do whatever to.

  15. Kevon says:

    Hi im kevon watt 2019 pg
    ranked #18 pg on coast2coastpreps
    I need some exposure was wondering if u guys can email me
    I have looks from Clark atlanta university
    and a scholar ship to West oaks academy, im from canada.

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