DeAndre Bembry NBA Draft Workout and Interview

Heading out to Impact Basketball in Las Vegas, we were able to get a look at St. Joe’s swingman DeAndre Bembry. Having only seen him on film before, we were able to see the versatility that the 6-foot-6 senior brings to the table in multiple workouts.

Here is our interview with him touching on his move to New Jersey, what he’s working on, and where he’s hearing that he’ll be picked in the Draft.

CityLeagueHoops: How did making the move from Charlotte to Jersey in high school help you?

DeAndre Bembry: It helped me a lot. Jersey basketball is very exciting and there were a lot of good players when I moved there. St. Anthony’s, of course St. Patrick’s (where DeAndre attended), St. Benedict’s. It was a lot better competition in Jersey.

CLH: Did you make the move just for basketball?

DB: No, not really. My Mom wanted to move back to Jersey because that’s where she’s originally from. She went up there for job reasons and we moved back in with my Grandfather at first just to get situated.

CLH: You’ve put yourself in the situation right now to where you will likely be an NBA player. What happened to your recruitment? How did high major schools miss out on you?

DB: Coming up through middle school and early in high school, I played the four. Coming from Charlotte and not being known didn’t help. I felt like I played pretty well in front of a lot of people, but I guess they didn’t want to take a chance on me. After my freshman year, people started saying that I could play anywhere and I already had the confidence that I could.

CLH: What will you show NBA teams in workouts that you may not have necessarily had the chance to at St. Joe’s?

DB: I felt like I pretty much got to show everything I have. If you just watched me off one game, you wouldn’t see that. If you watched me more, you saw my all-around game. Coach put the ball in my hands, he let me play off of the ball, I played in the post, and I played point guard. I showed my all around game, but not a lot of people got to see my all around game.

CLH: I got to see you in Vegas and you were impressive in drills. However, when you were playing live here, you were super impressive. Do you feel like you’re more of a gamer when it’s live 5-on-5?

DB: 3-on-3 is more like a drill, but when it’s live, you can really see my game. You get to flow more, you get to read and react more, and that’s what I’m all about. I like drills and I like to get better, but 5-on-5 is when you really get to show what you can do with the defense on you.

CLH: You made some great reads today in pick and roll. Do you think you’re going to be able to play some pick and roll in spots at the next level?

DB: I played point guard at times and ran numerous amounts of pick and rolls. I’m very comfortable running point guard, coming off making the right read, and potentially getting myself a shot. These last two or three years in college really helped me coming off of screens and playing read and react basketball.

CLH: What are you hearing that your range is in the Draft?

DB: I’ve heard everything. I’ve heard 15 and lower, even into the second round. It’s all over. I just feel like things like this keep improving my stock. I’m going to keep improving too, as I feel like I’m a little underrated.

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