Kellen Dunham NBA Draft Workout and interview with trainer Chris Thomas

While we were in Indianapolis checking out workouts, we stopped in to see Butler two-guard Kellen Dunham. Simply a lights out shooter, Dunham showed how easily he has been adjusting to the NBA three point line. Both off of the catch and on the move, the Indianapolis product showed why he will be making a strong case to land on an NBA roster.

Here is a short interview with Kellen’s trainer, Chris Thomas:

CityLeagueHoops: What have you been working on with Kellen in the pre-draft process?

Chris Thomas: His skill is his jumpshot. He’s getting a lot of reps on the NBA three, the corner three, the transition three. We’re hoping to find a situation where he can show that he is a catch and shoot skilled player.

CLH: What do you think Kellen is going to show NBA teams that he didn’t necessarily show at Butler?

CT:Probably how well he can shoot. To Kellen’s credit, he is the ultimate team player. He’s a very positive type of kid and you’re never going to know that he’s pissed off. I feel that his last two years at Butler, they didn’t really put him in a position to show his strength, which is catch and shoot. Jimmer, JJ and those guys usually get a couple of screens and for some reason, he didn’t get that at Butler. Now he’s back to that.

CLH: What makes you believe that Kellen Dunham will land on a NBA roster?

CT: He works. He’s not a prima donna. The kid works harder than most to prove that he really loves basketball. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to be a professional basketball player.

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