Kyree Walker makes debut with God First AAU

Fresh off of dominating EBC NorCal, Kyree Walker brought the highlight factory to Houston for his debut with God First AAU. Though it was his first game with the program, he fit in immediately and showed why he’s one of the very best in the class of 2020 at John Lucas All Star Weekend.

Playing against an incredibly gritty Flint’s Finest squad, Walker used his versatile game to play point forward with God’s First. He made simply remarkable passes in transition, showing off his dynamic ability to make plays for others at this level. Powerfully built, he showed off his explosiveness on a nice two-hand dunk and big time finish through a ton of contact at the rack. Kyree didn’t take a ton of jumpshots from the perimeter, but he didn’t really need to in God First’s blowout win.

Continually getting better, Kyree showed why he is undoubtedly one of the top five players in the class of 2020 and certainly made a case for the top spot.

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