Justin Anderson NBA Draft Workout and interview with trainer Drew Moore

For Justin Anderson, the recruitment process started far before his high school career even began. Donned as the top 8th grader in the country, he headed to Montrose Christian before ultimately settling on the University of Virginia. An integral part of the program’s resurgence to national prominence, Anderson established himself as one of the nation’s best “three and D” players to the point that he was able to enter the 2015 NBA Draft with one season left in his collegiate career.

Getting ready for the Draft, Anderson headed to Las Vegas to train with Joe Abunassar, Drew Moore, and Co. at Impact Basketball. Here is what he had to say about the swingman’s preparation for workouts:

CityLeagueHoops: What have you been working on with Justin in the pre-draft process?

Drew Moore: He had a great year shooting the ball, but we still wanted to get him more comfortable from NBA three. We also did a lot of work on his ball-handling. He’s probably not going to come off of ball screens right away, but simple moves for a shooting guard.

CLH: What do you think Justin is going to show NBA teams that he didn’t necessarily show at Virginia?

DM: How mature, focused, and ready to play with an NBA team he is. People don’t understand how much of a teammate he is. Justin loves being around gym competing in shooting drills, he picks the vets brains, and is eager to learn. He is a great teammate and a great locker room guy. The transition will be pretty seamless for him.

CLH: What makes you believe that Justin Anderson will be a successful NBA player?

DM: He’s going to be a factor right away because he can make an open three and can really defend.

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