Jarell Martin NBA Draft Workout and interview with trainer Drew Moore

Jarell Martin burst onto the scene a bit later than most, but immediately made a name for himself. At nearly 6-foot-10, he showed the ability to play inside and out for New Orleans Elite on the adidas AAU circuit. Following two productive years at LSU, Martin is headed to the NBA.

Here is the workout that we saw during the ASM Sports Pro Day along with an interview with Impact trainer Drew Moore, who worked with him on a daily basis.

CityLeagueHoops: What have you really been working on with Jarell in the pre-draft process?

Drew Moore: Shooting. He’s got to shoot it better. We’ve been doing a ton of catch and shoot off of pick and pop. With his speed and athleticism, he’s going to have an advantage against a lot of fours. He’s lightning fast up and down the floor, especially in transition.

CLH: What do you think he’s going to surprise NBA teams with in workouts?

DM: He’s got a little bit more post up game. He’s got good footwork and can finish with both hands.

CLH: Why do you feel Jarell Martin will be successful in the league?

DM: He’s humble and composed. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion, but is fiery competitive on the inside.

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