CJ Wilcox NBA Draft Workout and Interview

Continuing our NBA Draft workout series, we caught up with Washington sharpshooter CJ Wilcox. Training with Don MacLean (and alongside the likes of Gary Harris, Glenn Robinson III, Elfrid Payton, and TJ Warren) in Los Angeles, we were able to see that there is a lot more to the 6-foot-5 two-guards’s game than merely bombing three pointers with his feet set.

Here is the full interview that we did with CJ, touching on why he stayed at UW, what he learned from the group of NBA players that he played with, and what he is looking to improve upon before the NBA Draft.

CityLeagueHoops: You were a guy who had the opportunity to leave UW after your junior season, but opted to return for your senior season. What made you come back?

CJ Wilcox: The main reason that I came back was my foot…I had to get surgery on my foot. I know that my foot wouldn’t have lasted during these workouts last year. It gave me the opportunity to do a little more school, although we didn’t have the year we wanted. I think I improved on some stuff and could do a little bit more.

CLH: You played with an abundance of NBA guys at UW. How do you think that helped your development?

CW: It’s been great. I learned from a lot of guys. Quincy, Isaiah, Terrence, Tony…Just being around that type of talent brings a lot out of you and hopefully you can learn more, then transition to the NBA.

CLH: Speaking of the transition, one area that it appears that you’ll have no problem with is transitioning to the NBA three point line. Is that something that you’ve been working on quite a bit?

CW: It’s something that I’ve been working on since the season ended and I”m definitely more comfortable with it.

CLH: Jumpshot aside, what else will you surprise teams with in workouts?

CW: I can do more than shoot. I can handle the ball more and will surprise people with my speed and athleticism.

CLH: Are those the type of things that you are looking to work on in the pre-draft process?

CW: I’m definitely working on creating my own shot, ball-handling, and playing with the screen and roll. I just want to be more consistent with that.

CLH: Coach MacLean is a very detail oriented coach. What is the biggest thing that you’ve taken aay in your time with him?

CW: Conditioning, for one. Then the mentality going into workouts. He wants us to dominate and and I think that’s what we’ve been working towards.

CLH: You did a lot of work with side pick and roll and dribble hand-offs today. Do you think that is something that you’re going to be able to showcase in the workouts when placed in those situations?

CW: Definitely. He puts us in positions that we’ll be comfortable in the workouts to do those type of things.

CLH: If I were an NBA GM, why would I want CJ Wilcox on my team?

CW: I won’t bring any baggage to the team. I’m always going to come in and do what you want me to do. I feel like I’m going to work hard and my game will transition smoothly to the NBA.

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