Glenn Robinson III NBA Draft Workout and Interview

Over the last two weeks, we had the chance to watch Michigan sophomore Glenn Robinson III on both sides of the country. First, we watched the 6-foot-6 Michigan sophomore with Indianapolis based trainer Chris Thomas of 100 Percent Hoops. Then, two weeks later, we shot to LA and watched him go to work with Don MacLean and the guys of Impact Basketball. The 20-year old made considerable improvement in between, namely in his jumpshot.

“Trey” projects as a late first round pick in this June’s Draft. Check out an in depth interview touching on what he’s learned from his father, the mentality of the players on last year’s Michigan squad, and what he’s looking to improve on below.

CityLeagueHoops: Your shot looks much improved from the season. How much been working on jumper lately?

Glenn Robinson III: I’ve been working on it a lot. I just want to stay consistent with it. I actually like the way that the NBA balls feel, and that makes a big difference itself. A lot of people say it’s kind of slippery, but to me, it’s perfect. I think I”m going to surprise a lot of people in the coming weeks.

CLH: What are you looking to fine tune in the NBA Pre-Draft process?

GR III: I want to show my overall game. I can guard the 1, 2, or 3. I think that I showed spurts of that, but I think that it’s important for me to show it all of the time. I really want to improve my range and my handle. I know what it takes to play at the next level and I”m just ready to get started.

CLH: You had the opportunity to leave after your freshman year. What made you decide to stay?

I wasn’t mature enough. I could touch up on a lot of my game, like I always can. It was very important for me to come back and mature. This year, it was a different story. My parents felt that I was ready and that it was my choice. It’s been crazy working with Gary [Harris] and CT [Chris Thomas] because I had never had a personal trainer in my life. It felt great to get out here.

CLH: You touched on wanting to mature by coming back. What was the biggest improvement that you made in your game during your sophomore year?

GR: Confidence and leadership. I’ll definitely need both of those at the next level. I feel that I can come in as a rookie and be a leader in multiple ways. I have a lot of confidence in my game and am not afraid to take those big shots late in the game, as I showed this year.

CLH: Tell me a little about your meteoric rise during your high school career. You went from being ranked outside of the top 150 going into your senior season to being a top 25 player after it. What happened?

GR: I was waking up every day at 5:30 in the morning. My high school coach came and got me and I credit all of my success to him. It’s crazy because being at this level and trying to make it to the NBA, it reminds me of high school when I was unranked and I had to move up the ladder. It’s great to have already been through that and to know how to come to the top from being at the bottom. I’m really looking forward to this process.

CLH: It’s crazy because it almost seems as if it was the same story as many of your other teammates. Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, and Tim Hardaway Jr. were all under the radar during high school as well. Was that something you guys ever talked about?

GR: A lot of people put us under the radar and a lot of people doubted us. It was our goal to get back up to the top and I thought that we did a good job of that. That has been all of our mentalities our entire lives.

CLH: You touched a little bit about leadership and you played with a pretty good leader in Trey Burke. What did you take away from him in your time together?

GR: I took away his confidence. Listening to him talk about how everything is mental and if you believe that you can do something, you can do it. I had no doubt in my mind at the end of close games last year that I was going to knock down big shots and do what I had to do for my team to win.

CLH: Now obviously your father was quite the player himself, being the #1 pick 20 years ago. What advice has he given you throughout the process?

GR: Just go hard in the workouts because you never know who’s watching. I didn’t even know you were sitting over there [laughs]. Work as hard as you can every day and stay confident. It’s my job now to prove all of the doubters wrong.

CLH: If you had to pick one thing, what have you taken away from your Dad’s game?

GR: His shot. I watched some games where he shot the lights out and scored 40, and have tried to perfect that shot. I have a lot of old clips and am just trying to get his shot down. I just want to get his game in the post since I can turn around and shoot over guys.

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