JaQuan Lyle & Quentin Snider team up for Louisville Magic

JaQuan Lyle & Quentin Snider both suited up for the Louisville Magic last night at the 2013 Adidas Invitational. Coach Rick Pitino was on the baseline watching his top recruits race up and down the court in typical Louisville fashion. JaQuan settled in nicely with the Magic after opting to leave the Nike sponsored Spiece Indy Heat team who is currently at Peach Jam. Rumor has it that Lyle will join Mac Irvin Fire for the remainder of the summer. At least for this weekend Louisville fans get a glimpse of their future. In their first game together Lyle and Snider led the Louisville Magic to an 86-60 victory over Elite Nation.

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One Response to JaQuan Lyle & Quentin Snider team up for Louisville Magic

  1. bob sokoler says:

    did they play a middle school team?

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