World Select Team Scrimmage at Nike Hoop Summit

As promised here is an inside look at the World Select Team scrimmage that occurred during last night’s practice session. The scrimmage format was four 10 minute quarters with a running clock. The score was restarted after each quarter. Dennis Schroder and Dante Exum switched teams after the first quarter. After that switch was made the teams were as follows:

White TeamDante Exum, Sergey Karasev, Tomas Dimsa, Mouhammadou Jaiteh, and Livio Jean-Charles.
Black Team – Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Dennis Schroder, Karl Towns, Nikola Ivanovic, and Gabriel Deck

Although the score went back to 0-0 after each quarter the White Team won the scrimmage 68-51 when the totals from each quarter were added together (Exum and Schroder both scored 2 points in the first quarter conveniently canceling each other out). Below are stats from the scrimmage which was watched by a throng of NBA scouts.

Livio Jean-Charles – 19 PTS, 8-12 FGs, 0-1 3FGs, 5 rebs, 2 assists, 1 TO, 1 blk, 2 steals, 3-3 FTs
Andrew Wiggins – 17 PTS, 7-16 FGs, 2-7 3FGs, 3 rebs, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1-2 FTs
Mouhammadou Jaiteh – 15 PTS, 6-10 FGs, 9 rebs, 3 TO, 1 steal, 3-3 FTs
Karl Towns – 14 PTS, 7-12 FGs, 0-1 3FGs, 3 rebs, 1 assist, 1 TO, 1 blk, 1 steal
Tomas Dimsa – 14 PTS, 5-8 FGs, 4-6 3FGs, 3 assists, 2 TO, 1 steal
Sergey Karasev – 13 PTS, 5-11 FGs, 3-8 3FGs, 5 rebs, 3 assists, 1 TO, 1 steal
Dennis Schroder – 11 PTS, 4-9 FGs, 2-3 3FGs, 5 assists, 2 TO, 3 steals, 1-2 FTs
Dante Exum – 7 PTS, 1-4 FGs, 0-1 3FGs, 6 rebs, 2 assists, 4 TO, 2 steals, 5-6 FTs
Joel Embiid – 4 PTS, 2-3 FGs, 2 rebs, 1 TO, 4 blocks, 1 steal
Gabriel Deck – 4 PTS, 2-5 FGs, 5 rebs, 2 assists, 1 TO
Nikola Ivanovic – 2 PTS, 1-7 FGs, 0-4 3FGs, 2 rebs, 1 assist, 1 TO

It’s been said that numbers don’t lie, but at the same time they don’t tell the whole story. For instance, Sergey Karasev finished with just three assists, but he could have easily had double digit numbers in that category if teammates finished and/or weren’t fouled on the way to the rim. Karasev has a quick release that allows him to shoot with defenders in close proximity to him. The 2013 NBA Draft early entrant’s size helps him to shoot over smaller opponents and grab rebounds on the defensive glass.

German point guard Dennis Schroder did a great job distributing throughout the scrimmage. On the defensive end, he was pesky and came away with three steals. Schroder has good speed and gets into the lane consistently off the dribble. French big man Mouhammadou Jaiteh was an opportunistic scorer who put himself in good scoring positions. The 6’11 post mixed strong finishes at the rim with a soft touch in the lane. Jaiteh finished around the rim with both hands, showing a very nice left handed half hook over Joel Embiid at one point.

6’9 Livio Jean-Charles was a jack of all trades as he scored the ball well, was a solid rebounder, and made several hustle plays to save possessions. The French forward shot 75% from the field while going 3 for 3 from the charity stripe. Livio is a very efficient player who plays within himself, never forcing the issue. Lithuanian swingman Tomas Dimsa was a late addition to the Hoop Summit roster, but he proved that he belonged on the floor by draining multiple deep three pointers.

Australian Dante Exum didn’t fill up the stat sheet, but his ability to get to the rim is elite. The 6’6 guard uses his lightning quick first step to get to the rim and challenge opposing big men. Exum shot more free throws than anyone in the scrimmage drawing multiple fouls from defenders who could not keep up with his combination of size and athleticism.

Kentucky commit Karl Towns was active on both sides of the floor and ran the floor very well for a 7 footer. Towns converted several difficult post moves that had the gym buzzing. In a gym full of talented prospects, Andrew Wiggins consistently made plays that solidified his position as the alpha dog of the World Select Team. The Canadian superstar was electric in transition finishing above the rim on multiple occasions. When Wiggins is engaged, as he was on Tuesday night, he is simply unstoppable.

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