Aquille Carr Interview–Signs In China

Aquille Carr followed in the footsteps of Brandon Jennings by skipping college to pursue a professional career overseas. Carr had a legendary run at both Patterson and Princeton Day Academy, winning countless games and establishing himself as a YouTube sensation with more than 20 million views. Now he has started his professional career, signing to take part in the NBA Legends Tour this June in China.

Sponsored by Self Motivated Athletic Agency and Care 2 Play Sports, the tour will span over 6 cities in China. Tracy McGrady, Jason Williams, Gary Payton, and Lakers 2nd round pick Ater Majok are just a few of the players who have signed contracts for the tour. Games will begin June 5th and run through June 15th, with the Legends playing against a handful of CBA (top league in China) teams.

Here’s a short interview with Aquille explaining his situation a little bit more:

CityLeagueHoops: You just signed your contract to go on the NBA Legends Tour in China sponsored by the Beijing Energy Giant Development Co. Ltd with up and coming agencies Self Motivated Athletic Agency and Care 2 Play Sports. How are you feeling right now?

Aquille Carr: I feel like a pro. It’s a dream come true.

CLH: What role did your family play in signing up for this tour?

AQ: My family has always been there for me and gave me support since day one. They help me through all of my decisions, including this decision to attend this tour.

CLH: Many feel you can become an instant fan favorite in China if you play up to your potential. Since you’ve announced that you’re playing professionally next year, what aspects of your game have you been working on?

For the most part, I’ve been focusing on my defense and conditioning since I’ve announced that I’m going pro.

CLH: You’ve had a lengthy relationship with Under Armour and going to China is an opportunity to further enhance your marketability. How do you think that the NBA Legends Tour will help your relationship with Under Armour?

AC: I feel like this tour can strengthen our relationship and increase their stock. I’m currently not under contract with them but I’m willing to speak with them about working together on this tour.

CLH: What would you like to let potential recruits for Seton Hall know about Coach Willard and the rest of the Seton Hall staff?

AC: Seton Hall was very supportive and had always been my college of choice. The staff there are great and I’m very appreciative to have met them.

CLH: What are your thoughts on the following people? Coach Whitfield, Coach Martin, the support of your former teammates, and your daughter Averi.

AC: Coach Whitfield, Head Coach of Princeton Day Academy: He’s a great coach. Was always upfront with me.

Coach Martin, Head Coach at Patterson High School: That’s my man. He has always been in my corner.

Present and past teammates: No matter what team I’ve played on, my teammates were always close and we played off of each other.

My daughter, Averi: My daughter is everything to me.She is the reason for all of my choices and the path I’ve chose. I do it for her first and then my family. She has brought me a whole different view of life.

CLH: Former NBA player and Champion Jason “White Chocolate” Williams is scheduled to be going on the tour. He was a showman on the court like you are and found the perfect mixture of style and substance. What are your thoughts on playing with him?

AQ: It’s going to be a great experience to work with a point guard I consider to be a legend. I’m excited and willing to learn from him on this tour.

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