Theo Pinson More Than A Mixtape

After watching the Theo Pinson mix we dropped a few days ago, many of you may be thinking that he’s a flashy passer/dunker with little else to his game. Wrong. In fact, he brings so much to the table that he is arguably the class of 2014’s most versatile wing.

Theo is a consistent shooter with his feet set and even though he doesn’t show much of a mid-range game, he can shoot the three ball off of the dribble. Anyone who sees him play can clearly tell how special of a passer he is and how deadly he is in transition, so there’s no need to elaborate on that. The promise that he shows on the defensive end both as a threat in the passing lane and as an on the ball defender is what truly makes him an elite overall prospect. The tools and potential are there for him to be a shutdown defender at the next level of any perimeter position.

Ranked 11th in the consensus 2014 rankings , Pinson has the opportunity to shoot up a few more spots. Given the depth of big men and point guards in the class, it’s hard to imagine him cracking the top 5, but we could certainly see him finish up his prep career as the best wing in 2014 when it’s all said and done.

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