Derek Willis leads Bullitt East to 24th District Championship

Derek Willis led his Bullitt East team to the 24th District Championship last night with a 25 point, 10 board performance. Bullitt East weathered several runs from Fern Creek to pull out a 48-33 victory. Now lets take a closer look at the future Kentucky Wildcat’s game.

Statistically Willis had a good night scoring 25 points on 7-13 shooting from the floor, going 1-2 from three point range and hitting 10 of his 12 free throw attempts. In his 29 minutes on the court Willis was able to draw 9 fouls, block three shots, and pull down 10 rebounds. Defensively Willis was an integral part of the fourth quarter run that saw Bullit East’s lead balloon from 6 points to 13 points in four minutes.

Willis showed the ability to knock down the trail three, did a great job establishing offensive position in the post, and while he was only credited for three blocked shots he influenced roughly 10 shots throughout the game. Willis moves very well for a player his size and looked comfortable guarding smaller players on the perimeter. The only area Willis struggled in was hitting the defensive glass. He was muscled out of the paint several times and although he grabbed 10 boards he could have easily had closer to 15 if he was stronger in the paint.

Overall Willis had a very efficient 25 points and effected the game in many ways. Although he’s the least touted player in Kentucky’s incoming recruiting class, he may be the most surprising. It’s always better to exceed expectations than to fail to live up to your own hype.

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