Edrice Adebayo is a big time freshman prospect

At 6’8 and 230 pounds, you aren’t going to find many freshman the size of Edrice Adebayo and as far as the state of North Carolina is concerned, you won’t find many better in the freshman class either.

Playing at Northside HS in Washington, NC, Adebayo isn’t exactly playing in a talent rich area of the state yet has still managed to make a name for himself on the national circuit. Adebayo’s size, athleticism, and outstanding body are unlike the majority of post players in the freshman class. Offensively, he has shown glimpses of a jumper facing the rim out to 17 feet, can drill a right handed jump hook, and converts at a high rate around the cup. The athleticism and strength that we mentioned comes into play on the defensive end, where Edrice has shown he can be a productive shot blocker and rebounder. Now like most young big men his size, there is considerable room for refinement on both ends of the floor, but you won’t find many players who just turned 15 years old that have the physical package that “Bam-Bam” brings to the table.

On the recruiting scene, NC State appears to be hardest on Adebayo at the moment. Truthfully though, not that many people have seen him yet. He’s played with both the Karolina Diamonds and Boo Williams on the AAU circuit, making him one of the hottest prospects on the East Coast in that regard.

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