Malik Newman shows why he’s the best pure scorer in 2015

The only freshman to ever be named to Mississippi’s dandy dozen, Malik Newman came into Jackson Callaway with just as much acclaim as any rising 9th grader in the state’s history. The son of former Mississippi State star Horatio Webster is following in his father’s footsteps as one of the state’s elite high school talents and strives to reach somewhere his father was never able to, the NBA.

There is no one better in the class to get you a bucket in an isolation. Newman can score in just about every way imaginable when he has the ball in his hands at the top of the key. He is able to pull up out of rhythm, does a great job creating space, and is a threat from a step behind the NBA three point line. He’s not the quickest guy, but his scoring instincts allow him to get buckets easily against defenders which makes it seem like he’s faster than he is. Malik uses his devastating crossover to get to the rim, where he uses a ton of creative finishes to make up for his lack of crazy leaping ability. The comparisons to Tyreke Evans are inevitable, both based on the offense that they’re used to running (a lot of 1-4 flat isolations) and because of the way the he can constantly finish in the paint. Now everyone is waiting to see how Malik will develop as a playmaker and he will certainly need to improve upon his D, but the work ethic that he has shown during Omhar Carter’s legendary 5am workouts (which we will be featuring later) lead us to believe that he’ll be able to take care of those deficiencies.

As it stands, Malik is considered a top-5 prospect by just about every major scouting service. He owns offers from Baylor, Memphis, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgetown, NC State, and countless others. By the time it is all said and done though, expect Newman to have his pick of the litter of just about any school in the country.

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