First Look: Edward Morrow

At Simeon, it’s rare that you see a freshman play varsity. In fact, Derrick Rose spent his freshman season on the JV level for the south side Chicago power. Now a sophomore and having served his penance, Edward Morrow is on varsity and letting everyone know that he’s ready to step up as Simeon’s next big time prospect in the frontcourt.

Standing 6’7 with very long arms, Morrow has the ideal size that BCS coaches look for in a big man. He does the majority of his damage within 5 feet of the rim on both ends. Offensively, he’s an outstanding finisher of drop-off passes and converting offensive rebounds. Defensively, he’s an outstanding weakside shot-blocker who controls the glass in his area. Morrow’s rebounding prowess and ability to finish everything inside made him Simeon’s leading scorer throughout the team’s first few games. As the season went on and Jabari Parker became closer to 100%, his role (and minutes) lessened. Still, Edward continued to bring everything to the able that you’d hope for out of a developing big man in the Windy City.

As it stands, Morrow has yet to receive his first division one offer. He will need to continue to develop his post moves and should have plenty of opportunity running with Meanstreets on the AAU circuit, where Ed will certainly attract the attention of college coaches recruiting underclassmen.

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