First look: Brandon Ingram

In basketball rich North Carolina, being the top player in your class can be something that may only last a few weeks, or in some cases, days. Players are always transferring in to prep schools, reclassifying up and down, then occasionally transferring out. Needless to say, it’s rare that you have a player hang on to his position atop the State rankings, but for the time being, Brandon Ingram is right there for NC’s best sophomore.

The younger brother of former UT-Arlington standout and current overseas pro Bo Ingram, Brandon has the size that his brother didn’t after sprouting to 6’7 and looking like he’s nowhere near done growing. His Kinston squad took two tough losses at the HighSchoolOT Holiday Invitational, but he showed why he has so much buzz around him. Ingram used his length to make an impact on the defensive end, posted smaller defenders, and consistently hit jumpers from mid-range. It was incredibly impressive that Brandon already showed an understanding of how to properly utilize his height in a day where so many players his size just want to hang out on the perimeter.

Moving forward, Ingram will need to continue to get more aggressive and fill out if he hopes to follow Reggie Bullock’s footsteps as Kinston’s next star. Already hearing from North Carolina, NC State, Georgetown, and Wake Forest, it appears that he’s on the path to get there.

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