Kentan Facey Makes A Name For Himself

Kentan Facey left Jamaica for the states in 2010 seeking the chance to play basketball at the highest level. Facey landed in Long Island and remained relatively unknown until the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy where he put himself on the map. Scouts were impressed with his shot blocking ability and his soft touch around the rim. Facey was one of the top stock risers in the month of July adding dozens of offers before committing to UCONN in August.

Facey epitomizes the dream of many players who come to the states in search of greater basketball opportunities. The Jamaican, who grew up in the same hometown as Usain Bolt, wasted no time making his name in Las Vegas at the LeBron James Skills Academy. In drills Facey competed favorably against some of the top big men in the country. His shot blocking instincts helped him alter shots throughout his four days in Vegas.

More than just a defensive stopper, Facey has great hands and runs the floor very well for a player his size. One of Kentan’s best attributes is his ability to get off the floor quickly. Instead of only utilizing this skill for highlight reel dunks, Facey is most effective grabbing rebounds and getting the ball back to the rim before the opposing team’s center has a chance to make a play on the ball. The future Husky also has a semi-consistent running hook shot and an above average face up jumper.

Facey’s climb from relative unknown to top 60 prospect in the country is what the Summer circuit is all about. When Kentan Facey suited up to play against 100 of Nike’s top prospects his name wasn’t even spelled correctly on the roster. After four days of basketball in Vegas he had offers from Louisville, UCLA, Memphis, Florida and Connecticut amongst others. The next step for Facey is preparing his body and his game for college basketball. If the work he put in at LeBron Camp is any indicator, he will not disappoint Husky fans next season.

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