Shelton Mitchell emerging as North Carolina’s top point guard

In the basketball hotbed that is North Carolina, you literally have a year by year influx of talent that gives you no idea who to watch the following season. Aside from the basketball rich traditional high schools, the state offers a myriad of prep schools that draw players in for stronger competition, reclassification, or both. The revolving door of talent that comes in and out of the state makes it difficult to deem any underclassmen atop their positional rankings, but Shelton Mitchell has proved worthy of such honor.

At 6’3 and around 200 pounds, Mitchell doesn’t have the appearance of the most athletic guy on the floor, but don’t let his appearance fool you. He’s got that type of Deron Williams athleticism that will surprise you if you aren’t prepared. The lefty blends outstanding court vision with an effective, albeit unorthodox, stroke out to the three point line. His ability to change speeds allows him to get by defenders to the rim and covert in the lane. If he’s able to add more of a mid-range game and exert a little more effort on the defensive end, you may find yourself looking at one of the more complete point guards in the class of 2014.

Mitchell currently holds offers from Memphis, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Washington, Missouri, and Wake Forest. North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Marquette are among the schools actively recruiting Mitchell that have not placed an offer on the table just yet.

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