Jason Boswell is Mr. Versatility at Charlotte Hoops Challenge

by Rodger Bohn/@rodgerbohn

It’s not very often that you see a player 6’8 who starts the game at point guard, has to to defend the opposing team’s power forward at times, and play everywhere in between throughout the game. UCLA‘s Kyle Anderson took the title of “Mr. Versatility” last year and Jason Boswell dons the honor this year.

At the Charlotte Hoops Challenge, Boswell spent the majority of his time offensively running the show. Now he surely has to tighten his handle up and improve his footspeed on D if he hopes to run point in college, but at the high school level, his ability to see over the defense and make plays was crucial for QEA in their narrow defeat to Huntington Prep. Boswell was more aggressive in QEA’s second game against Oldsmar Christian, opting to be more of a scorer than a facilitator. The Connecticut native showed that he could run the pick and roll, hit the three when left open, and convert floaters above the trees in the paint. Add in that he defended just about every position on the court and it’s easy to see why he earned his nickname.

Looking forward to college, we see Jason as a guy best suited for small forward who can play other positions for spurts. He already holds offers from Cincinnati, Iowa State, Virginia Tech, Villanova, Pitt, Seton Hall, and a handful of others. Expect that list to multiply late in the signing period any time that you have a player who can play all over the court the way Jason Boswell can.

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