Huntington Prep Blue Yellow Scrimmage Recap

Huntington Prep held their annual Blue Yellow scrimmage yesterday in Huntington, West Virginia. If the scrimmage was any indication of how Huntington will treat this season, opponents might regret putting the basketball powerhouse on their schedule. This was far from a tune up game where players coasted up and down the floor. Every shot was contested and loose balls were chased down by diving defenders. The scrimmage was close throughout and needed overtime to determine a winner.

Andrew Wiggins led his blue team to victory in a performance that reinforced his #1 ranking in the class of 2013. Wiggins’ unbelievable athleticism was on display when he tip dunked his own missed tip dunk (a feat I’ve never witnessed before). His mid range jumper was falling and he got to the rim with ease. This is not to say that his teammates took it easy on him.

Watching Xavier Rathan Mayes battle with Wiggins was a treat for any basketball enthusiast. You would never know that the two are friends off the court while watching them trash talk, bump, and bruise each other throughout the course of the scrimmage. Not to be outdone Xavier Rathan Mayes showed off his very impressive offensive arsenal. Xavier hit pull ups, step backs, and just about every other imaginable form of jump shot known to man.

Another interesting battle occurred between Dominic Woodson and Moses Kingsley. The two were not shy about banging each other in the paint. Woodson showed his superior court vision and the ability to step outside the three point line and knock down jumpers. Kingsley did most of his damage inside with a barrage of put backs and half hooks on the block. Williams Otor Gabriel, who is known for his hard work day in and day out, also put in work on the boards during the scrimmage.

Sophomore Montaque Gill-Caesar was very impressive in the open court and showed big time athleticism. Point guard Nevell Provo knocked down several shots off picks and displayed a more mature approach to the game. Provo added muscle to his frame in the off season and looks ready to become a solid contributor this year. Tennessee bound point guard Travon Landry kept the game under control and found open teammates for easy buckets.

After the game Andrew Wiggins playfully taunted Xavier Rathan-Mayes who barely missed a potentially game winning three pointer at the buzzer. The team was all smiles as they shook hands and meet their fans after the game. With all the weapons this team possesses I have to think this will be the last time a team will be smiling after a game against Huntington Prep.

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