DeAndre Bembry NBA Draft Workout and Interview

Heading out to Impact Basketball in Las Vegas, we were able to get a look at St. Joe’s swingman DeAndre Bembry. Having only seen him on film before, we were able to see the versatility that the 6-foot-6 senior brings to the table in multiple workouts.

Here is our interview with him touching on his move to New Jersey, what he’s working on, and where he’s hearing that he’ll be picked in the Draft.

CityLeagueHoops: How did making the move from Charlotte to Jersey in high school help you?

DeAndre Bembry: It helped me a lot. Jersey basketball is very exciting and there were a lot of good players when I moved there. St. Anthony’s, of course St. Patrick’s (where DeAndre attended), St. Benedict’s. It was a lot better competition in Jersey.

CLH: Did you make the move just for basketball?

DB: No, not really. My Mom wanted to move back to Jersey because that’s where she’s originally from. She went up there for job reasons and we moved back in with my Grandfather at first just to get situated.

CLH: You’ve put yourself in the situation right now to where you will likely be an NBA player. What happened to your recruitment? How did high major schools miss out on you?

DB: Coming up through middle school and early in high school, I played the four. Coming from Charlotte and not being known didn’t help. I felt like I played pretty well in front of a lot of people, but I guess they didn’t want to take a chance on me. After my freshman year, people started saying that I could play anywhere and I already had the confidence that I could.

CLH: What will you show NBA teams in workouts that you may not have necessarily had the chance to at St. Joe’s?

DB: I felt like I pretty much got to show everything I have. If you just watched me off one game, you wouldn’t see that. If you watched me more, you saw my all-around game. Coach put the ball in my hands, he let me play off of the ball, I played in the post, and I played point guard. I showed my all around game, but not a lot of people got to see my all around game.

CLH: I got to see you in Vegas and you were impressive in drills. However, when you were playing live here, you were super impressive. Do you feel like you’re more of a gamer when it’s live 5-on-5?

DB: 3-on-3 is more like a drill, but when it’s live, you can really see my game. You get to flow more, you get to read and react more, and that’s what I’m all about. I like drills and I like to get better, but 5-on-5 is when you really get to show what you can do with the defense on you.

CLH: You made some great reads today in pick and roll. Do you think you’re going to be able to play some pick and roll in spots at the next level?

DB: I played point guard at times and ran numerous amounts of pick and rolls. I’m very comfortable running point guard, coming off making the right read, and potentially getting myself a shot. These last two or three years in college really helped me coming off of screens and playing read and react basketball.

CLH: What are you hearing that your range is in the Draft?

DB: I’ve heard everything. I’ve heard 15 and lower, even into the second round. It’s all over. I just feel like things like this keep improving my stock. I’m going to keep improving too, as I feel like I’m a little underrated.

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Kellen Dunham NBA Draft Workout and interview with trainer Chris Thomas

While we were in Indianapolis checking out workouts, we stopped in to see Butler two-guard Kellen Dunham. Simply a lights out shooter, Dunham showed how easily he has been adjusting to the NBA three point line. Both off of the catch and on the move, the Indianapolis product showed why he will be making a strong case to land on an NBA roster.

Here is a short interview with Kellen’s trainer, Chris Thomas:

CityLeagueHoops: What have you been working on with Kellen in the pre-draft process?

Chris Thomas: His skill is his jumpshot. He’s getting a lot of reps on the NBA three, the corner three, the transition three. We’re hoping to find a situation where he can show that he is a catch and shoot skilled player.

CLH: What do you think Kellen is going to show NBA teams that he didn’t necessarily show at Butler?

CT:Probably how well he can shoot. To Kellen’s credit, he is the ultimate team player. He’s a very positive type of kid and you’re never going to know that he’s pissed off. I feel that his last two years at Butler, they didn’t really put him in a position to show his strength, which is catch and shoot. Jimmer, JJ and those guys usually get a couple of screens and for some reason, he didn’t get that at Butler. Now he’s back to that.

CLH: What makes you believe that Kellen Dunham will land on a NBA roster?

CT: He works. He’s not a prima donna. The kid works harder than most to prove that he really loves basketball. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to be a professional basketball player.

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Fred VanVleet NBA Draft Workout and interview with trainer Chris Thomas

Starting off our NBA Pre-Draft Tour, we made our way to Indianapolis to check out Wichita State point guard Fred VanVleet. The All-American was training with Chris Thomas of World Domination, a fellow native of Rockford, Illinois. VanVleet has overcame adversity for his entire career from having his father murdered as a child to constantly being told that he was ot big or athletic enough to make it. Firmly in the second round mix, he looks to continue to prove people wrong.

Here’s our interview with his trainer Thomas on what they’re working on and why he thinks Fred has a spot in the league.

CityLeagueHoops: What have you been working on with Fred in the pre-draft process?

Chris Thomas: The biggest thing for me is his conditioning and athletic performance enhancement. One of his knocks is size and average athleticism, so if we can use these weeks to build up his strength, speed, agility, and quickness, he’s going to present himself as a real good point guard. We’re also working on his shooting with the NBA ball and from NBA distance.

CLH: What do you think Fred is going to show NBA teams that he didn’t necessarily show at Wichita State?

CT: I think Fred was able to, by end his career, show the NBA types exactly what he’s about. Now he’ll be able to prove it. They say ‘Wichita, they don’t play anyone. They’re mid major.’ Now all playing fields are equal and it’s a matter of showing how he can compete. He’ll prove his point.

CLH: What makes you believe that Fred will be a successful NBA player?

CT: He’s beaten the odds all of his life. I’m from the same hometown and it’s a tough deal. It’s the backyard of Chicago and is known for great point guards. All throchip on shoulder. He’s proven his point and backed it up. What you see is what you get.

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Shawn Kemp’s son holds it down at Under Armour Association

This weekend was one for second comings. LeBron James Jr. showed out in his hometown of Akron and in Indianapolis, Shaq’s son Shareef was showing that he’s a high major prospect at the EYBL. Twenty miles away from the Nike event, there was another NBA legend’s son doing work: Shawn Kemp’s son Jamon.

Bearing a striking resemblance to his father, Jamon doesn’t quite have the size of his Pops, but already has some skills on the outside. Running with Washington Supreme of the Under Armour Association, Kemp had no problem fitting in despite playing up a year. He defended multiple positions on the perimeter, blocked a ton of shots, and was a beast on the offensive glass. The Seattle Garfield product hit a couple of deep jumpers and made some good slashes to the rack, too. While he doesn’t quite have the Reignman’s bounce or size yet, the 6-foot-5 swingman has the athleticism and game to develop into a serious prospect down the road.

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Kyree Walker makes debut with God First AAU

Fresh off of dominating EBC NorCal, Kyree Walker brought the highlight factory to Houston for his debut with God First AAU. Though it was his first game with the program, he fit in immediately and showed why he’s one of the very best in the class of 2020 at John Lucas All Star Weekend.

Playing against an incredibly gritty Flint’s Finest squad, Walker used his versatile game to play point forward with God’s First. He made simply remarkable passes in transition, showing off his dynamic ability to make plays for others at this level. Powerfully built, he showed off his explosiveness on a nice two-hand dunk and big time finish through a ton of contact at the rack. Kyree didn’t take a ton of jumpshots from the perimeter, but he didn’t really need to in God First’s blowout win.

Continually getting better, Kyree showed why he is undoubtedly one of the top five players in the class of 2020 and certainly made a case for the top spot.

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Cameron Aboree shows out in John Lucas All Star Weekend opener

Cameron Amboree has received no shortage of acclaim as of late and in the opening game of the 2016 John Lucas All Star Weekend tournament, he showed why.

Matched up against a Carolina Elite squad that had some serious size, Amboree was the catalyst in‎ Gulf Coast Blue Chips’ 54-30 victory. Finishing the game with 13 points, he made a vast array of moves that make you see why his game resembles that of Stephen Curry. Double behind the back dribbles, high arcing three pointers, and ridiculous finger rolls along the baseline were just a few of the moves that the YouTube sensation pulled off. More importantly, the lead guard did what was necessary to pull his team away from a scrappy team with legit height at every position.

Keep checking CityLeagueHoops for more updates from John Lucas All Star Weekend.

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Miles Bridges is not human at 2016 Flyin’ To The Hoop Invitational

Miles Bridges has been punishing rims since before he even entered high school. Getting our first glimpse of him as a rising freshman with the Michigan Mustangs, he has been impressing people with his athleticism. He continued this throughout his high school career and did not stop at the 2016 Flyin’ To The Hoop.

In front of TNT analyst Kenny Smith, Bridges threw down a number of ridiculous dunks. While we were expecting to get more of a reaction out of the long time NBA vet, he casually sat there as the crowd went wild for the 6-foot-6 senior’s massive throwdowns. Heading to Michigan State, the Jet will be seeing plenty more of this athletic wing and will have plenty of opportunity to give him props on his crazy bounce.

Keep checking for more videos from the 2016 Flyin’ To The Hoop Invitational.

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Thon Maker shows range and vision at 2015 City Of Palms Classic

Thon Maker has been tantalizing scouts, coaches, and fans alike with his perimeter game for years now. Finally a senior at Athlete Institute in Canada, this is the final go around for Maker and he showed the way that his game has continued to evolve at the 2015 City of Palms Classic.

Playing against some of the nation’s finest talent, Maker proved yet again that he could hold his own against just about anyone. The face-up power forward poured in 31 points against Hamilton Heights via an array of moves from the post or on the perimeter. He utilized his jab step to create space, hit a number of three pointers, and handled the ball well in the open court. The Australian showed off a developing turnaround jumper out of the post and used his size to shoot over defenders on the block, showing off the endless potential that he has as a prospect.

Having narrowed his list to Arizona State, Notre Dame, St. John’s, Kansas, and Indiana, no decision for Thon’s college destination appears on the horizon any time soon.

Big thanks to Daren Scarberry for his help on the footage

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Keion Brooks shows why he’s one of 2019’s best at MSHTV Camp

While he is just hitting high school, Keion Brooks has been known to those following youth basketball for quite some time now. After all, you simply don’t see too many players who can go to work from the perimeter at 6-foot-7 before playing a varsity game. Brooks reminded us of that again at the 2015 MSHTV Camp in Indianapolis.

Fresh off of a visit to Indiana, Brooks missed the first day of action, but immediately made his presence felt. Able to play either forward position, he used his perimeter skill to push the ball in the open floor and make plays for others. When matched up with someone his own size, Brooks went to the blocks and went to work. He drilled countless deep jumpers, beat guys off of the dribble, and set the camp on fire with his Karl Malone-esque dunk on the break.

Already owning an offer from IUPUI, Brooks has been hearing from Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Virginia, and a ton of other powerhouse programs early in his freshman campaign.

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6’9 8th grader Emmanuel Okpomo with monster dunk at MSHTV Camp

Omhar Carter has been producing young talent for over a decade now. Monta Ellis, LaQuinton Ross, Renardo Sidney, Rodney Hood, and Malik Newman all came up under his tutelage. There are plenty of talented high school players in the MBA Hoops program, but there is one in middle school that is nearly the tallest of all: Emmanuel Okpomo.

Standing 6-foot-9 with a crazy wingspan, Okpomo is the type of developmental big man prospect that you dream of. He has a good motor, runs the floor well, and finishes above the rim with ease. Naturally, there is plenty of work to do in the skill department, but he proved that he is certainly one of the more intriguing big men in the class of 2020.

Keep checking back for more videos from the 2015 MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase.

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